Prototype 2

Prototype 2

An excellent evolution for Prototype


  • Better in ever way than Prototype
  • Well developed story
  • Better organised powers
  • Huge amount to do in the game


  • Occasional missions are dull
  • Some boss fights are too tough

Very good

Prototype 2 is much better than we hoped. It has a strong story line and a protagonist you can empathize with, but more than that, the gameplay has improved in every way, making this perhaps the most solid sandbox game available. Prototype 2 is a great game.

You play Sgt James Heller, a soldier who has shape-shifting powers. A deadly virus has swept through New York, killing your family and leaving you nothing to live for, except to kill the man you blame for their death - Alex Mercer, the protagonist of the first Prototype.

Prototype 2's New York Zero is split into areas, depending on the level of viral infection. There's green, which should be safe, yellow, which is poor and full of shanty towns, where the virus can be found, and red, where the virus is rampant. You'll do missions in all of these areas, on your way to confront Alex Mercer. By consuming other people, Sgt James Heller can assume their identities and read their memories.

Heller's powers are what make Prototype 2 so much fun - leaping, climbing and flying around the city is excellent, and the combat is varied and never gets boring. As the challenge increases, you'll need better tactics and more variety to overcome the enemies and bosses you'll meet. Infiltration of enemy compounds is also enjoyable, as you try to consume and take on the appearance of different people out of view of others. Your available options increase as you progress, for example, turning a soldier into a biological bomb... don't forget that Prototype 2 is a game with an 18 rating for a reason!

Heller is an engaging character, with some excellent and often funny speech throughout the game. Prototype 2's sound in general is excellent, with some pretty gruesome sound effects. There are some nice graphic touches too. New York looks really good, and is filled with life and detail that makes it a convincing environment to navigate. Helicopters and tanks in Prototype 2 look fantastic, especially as you're tearing them to pieces!

Overall, Prototype 2 is a huge improvement over the enjoyable original. There are occasional moments of monotony in some missions, but in general, developer Radical Entertainment has learned from its mistakes. It's one of the most enjoyable sandboxes in recent years, fleshed out with a compelling storyline, charismatic characters and some really impressive graphics. Not to be missed.

Prototype 2


Prototype 2

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